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Experiencing Jesus on Their Level

New Life Kids is an exciting, high-energy place for your children to learn about God’s plan for their lives while having fun at the same time! Each morning, your kids get the opportunity to worship, play exciting games and hear practical and age appropriate messages. Everything we do is done with safety and support for you in mind! It’s our honor to help your kids experience Jesus on their level.

Start Time
Children’s areas open 30 minutes prior to adult service start time.

All NLC Kids volunteers have been trained and undergone (and passed) an extensive background check.

Check-in/Check-out System
NLC uses a computerized system for kids check in. Ask one of our volunteers to bring you to the check-in area and we will be glad to show you how the system works. All you need is one person with a cell phone handy. You leave the number with us, and should we need to get a hold of you for any reason we simply text you.

New Life Kids

Grades K-5

This age group has many things happening every single week. We start with opening play and connecting with all the children. Next, the kids have a fun time of worship complete with dance moves! Don’t worry, it’s all easy enough to learn their very first time. Next we do our large group teaching time all together. This is usually a 6-8 week series with the main teaching happening on a video that we create! Kids and adults alike love the large group teaching times. Then we spend some time in smaller, age specific groups to discuss how to live out the teachings of the lesson. We want to reach kids hearts with the message of Christ!

New Life Jr.

Birth-Age 5

New Life Jr. isn’t just babysitting! Our goal is to provide a safe, loving and clean atmosphere while helping your little ones learn about Jesus! We want this age group to understand three things. God made me, God loves me, and He wants to be my friend forever. This age group also watches teaching videos made just for them. We always have a fun theme and we try to coordinate the games, snacks, toys and lesson to match!